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Here's what you'll discover inside this comprehensive Glock Pistol Armorer's Course:

  •  History - a short walkthrough of Glock's impressive history and accomplishments, as well as a look at some of the different Generations of pistols and various frame sizes...
  •  Design and Function - in-depth explanation and demonstration of the parts of the Glock pistol, and their operation, utilizing a cutaway gun and taught by AGI instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks, an expert on the design and function of Glock pistols.
  •  Generational Differences In The Glock Pistols - you'll see "how perfection gets more perfect" as you discover the differences in each generation of the pistol, and you'll learn how to quickly tell what generation pistol you're buying or working on...
  •  Field Stripping and Full Disassembly - Learn how to quickly and easily field strip your Glock. Then follow along as Ken meticulously demonstrates how to completely disassemble the pistol including tools to help you easily disassemble your pistol, and the correct order in which the parts should come out.
  •  Cleaning and Lubrication - You’ll learn the proper cleaning and lubrication methods, and Ken also reveals master-level tips to get the pistol’s springs ultra-clean and properly lubricated.
  •  Reassembly - You'll know the right order to re-assemble the parts in, and why. Plus you'll get helpful tips like: which common tools to use to most easily get the parts back in working order, how to avoid frustration and easily re-assemble the pistol, and how to install the slide-lock back into the frame to avoid damaging your pistol when it's fired.
  •  Differences in the Model 42/43 Single Stack Glock Pistols - Easily understand the differences between the Model 42/43 pistols and the double stack guns, and how to disassemble and reassemble them.
  •  Accessories - Ken walks you through a multitude of aftermarket accessories for your Glock pistol.
  •  And Much, Much More!
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For over 24 years (since 1993), AGI has trained tens of thousands of gun owners, hobbyists, and professional gunsmiths in every aspect of the AGI method through a broad selection of video courses and certified trainings. 

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